MarketBoats – Lead generation is the number one priority of B2B industries. We cater to technology industry with our bespoke demand generation services. Our services span across content syndication, telemarketing and desk research services. Hence, offering a complete solution needed for generating qualified B2B technology sales leads. We truly work as an extended inside sales team for your company to generate leads, to qualify prospect profiles and even to schedule appointments for your field sales teams.
Brief about Our Services

Content Syndication: For a few years now, in the technology sales field content syndication is playing a huge role in creating qualified leads. With our content syndication service we help to reach the right audience by identifying high value prospects. We extensively use our internal database and business social networks to identify the contacts which meet the criteria specified by you.
How it works?

Our tele-prospecting team takes your message to the right people in the right organizations. Hence we position your products/services in a defined market where your products or services can solve their business problems. This improves the chances of converting the prospects into sales opportunities.

How do we do it?

The first step in the content syndication is contact discovery. We pull out the best matching contacts from our internal database and in case of shortage of contacts our research analysts use the business social networking platforms to get the new contacts which match the project specification. We constantly review the process right from the contact discovery. Our process trainers train the agents giving the overview of the technology and the client. Then, we shortlist the high performing executives and kick start the tele-prospecting process. As a practice we keep voice logs of all the leads generated. We do the rigorous quality check to know the effectiveness of “content delivery”. With our content syndication service we can help to generate demand for your products/services throughout the year hence maintaining steady pace of leads!
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Contact Discovery: To successfully generate new business for your company, your sales team needs to have a pipeline of new qualified leads. This process is definitely time consuming and your field sales team alone cannot struggle with cold calling and prospect building process. This is when MarketBoats can assist you just as your inside sales team by providing custom developed B2B contact list of prospective technology buyers!
How can we help?

MarketBoats with its contact discovery service will provide custom B2B contact list by engaging telemarketing and desk research methods. The prospect list will be developed upon your giving the order and our team will build a high quality role based contact list through which you can directly contact targeted decision makers of the industry. We provide the contact list on pay for performance model and all the contacts will be accurate and current.
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Account profiling: Our account profiling service is tailor made for businesses to gain in depth understanding of their prospective customers and hence to eliminate wasted time in prospecting customer base. We help you to expand your reach and to understand the business potential of particular segment by giving complete information on the accounts in perspective. With our research methods we come to know the less known facts such as your prospect’s current IT infrastructure, their future buying plans also their competitors, budget and timeline for the next purchase.
How will it be useful for you?

The information which you will get is not something readily available publicly. It will have insights on key drivers of the prospect’s business hence you will have the competitive advantage while contacting the decision makers of that company. A typical profile we provide will have information such as extensive company details, business strategy, financial highlights, IT strategy, IT infrastructure, supplier relationships and other details unveiled during the research.

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Appointment Setting: With our appointment setting service we quicken the sales cycle of technology vendors by making them capable to close the sales leads faster. We make this possible by providing high quality appointments with the key decision making personnel of their prospects. We do the cold calling to the prospects who meet the pre determined criteria by you .Our highly experienced telecaling team of appointment setters will be doing the cold calling by representing your firm to get the consistent number of B2B appointments which then your sales team can translate into the real business for your company.
How will it be an added advantage?

We provide the appointments with CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CTOs and other functional, management and executive roles as well as other industry-specific decision making roles. With our consultative appointment setting service you will increase sales and profits. You will reduce the training costs and also will be able to concentrate on core business activities.
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